My first blog post :)

I have been longing for the opportunity to be able to learn about foster care and adoption from practitioners themselves. Malaysia does not have a foster care systems, which leaves thousands of children stranded in institutions even though every child deserves to be raised in a family. This has a life-long impact on a child, and I want to be able to bring home knowledge that would change the fate of these children.

I have been working in the area of child protection in Malaysia for the past 8 years and have specialized in the deinstitutionalization of children. It is my lifelong dream to see a foster care system implemented in my country.

My host organization that I have been placed with is called CASA for Douglas County. It is in Nebraska, which I heard is mostly known for its corn but I kinda like corn so I guess that’s alrite 🙂 CASA provides comprehensive advocacy for abused and neglected children in need of care and under the protection of the court system. Their trained volunteers investigate, facilitate, monitor and mentor. Through compassion and commitment, they are dedicated to be the child’s voice through their journey to a safe, loving permanent home.

I have been in touch with staff from CASA and there are many exciting activities that have been planned out for the course of 5 weeks including attending court proceedings. I was also fortunate enough to meet up with my fellow YSEALI participants from Malaysia who are all doing amazing work in their respective areas.

It’s two days before I leave for this amazing journey, there’s lots of last minute errands to run and I’ve hardly had any sleep but the adrenaline has kept me going. I’m looking forward to meeting all the other participants in DC in the next coming days, I’m sure that we would be making meaningful connections and friendships that will last a long time.

Cheers to an eventful month ahead!

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