Ultimate Dream Anthem

Most (or many) people in the world seem still look US on the top of the world, a great country whom people rely their biggest dream as “American Dream”. Either I am, who sling ‘learn from hands-on experiences in the US’ as my wildest dream.

I submitted this Professional Fellow Program application around April 2017 with no expectation. Just as a walk on ‘but if you never try, you’ll never know’, one of my lifetime anthems that always succeed to lift me up when I am in the unbearable situation. Have no expectation, even, I demeaned myself, too impossible to achieve an ultimate dream in the first trial.

Got more complicated, being a daughter from conservative parent (slash family) who stream in the common developing country’s socio-cultural pressure, is not easy to fully perceived being away in the very long distance (consider more than 20-hour flight) and the contrary time difference following. Yet, it’s should be easier since not for years away.

Time went by, I was swallowed in the workload, until in the mid-July at almost midnight, came private message which informed me being selected on interview phase for US Fellowship Program. I should convince myself for several times, because I’d misremembered what I’ve been doing which related with US matter. I stared on those message for couple of minutes, read word by word while collecting my memory, and make sure that it was not a prank in the late of the day. Then, I realized, it was so real, and myself gradually sensed to the ‘serious mode’. I could not sleep on those night.

The remain after is history. Exactly on the 9/11 commemoration, 9 September 2017, being inside a room with full of most impressive young dreamers and doers when all Indonesian professional fellow from multi-program were met; I felt so little, underrated, humbled, unbelievable, even gave me goosebumps, until made a tears. The feeling got more insane, when I hold the white paper, a sign that my visa application being accepted directly on those same day. My wildest dream just like a piece of cake!

When All Indonesian Fellow Gathered in the Embassy of the United States of America, Jakarta, Indonesia


The story continue to this.


Niken Prawestiti (Indonesia) nikpraw.comis a Social-Environment Enthusiast, Sustainaibility Placemaker, Indonesian Green City Program Associate. Currently, developing urban community network which bound environmental, social, and cultural community concern over Indonesian’s cities to take action on achieving sustainable city. Also, growing “Ayo ke Taman” (Indonesian expression on ”Let’s go to Park”) as a platform for raising awareness about the existence of open urban public space.

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