T minus 6 hours

It’s 2am in the morning and I should be in a cab on the way to the airport in two hours to catch, what would be the longest flight of my life, to literally the other end of the earth. This is indeed a dream come true to have the opportunity to spend six whole weeks learning, experiencing and absorbing as much as i can from this programme as a YSEALI Fellow.

If there’s one piece of advise I’d give to future fellows, it would be to check the weather predictions for your host city. I seriously did not expect New Hampshire to be that cold in fall. Had to repack my bags 10 minutes ago.

With so much to look forward to, it’s all still pretty surreal right now. Strangely, there’s no real feeling of excitement just yet. Perhaps it’ll finally kick in once I’ve sent out the last of my work emails and I finally get on the plane.

Well that’s enough for today. Time to get back to two more hours of pivot tables, powerpoint presentations and emails…

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