Greeting from Danang, Vietnam

Hello everyone!

My name is Trang. I’m a policy researcher from Vietnam. I have 6 years of working experience for Da Nang Institute of Socio-Economic Development, a think tank and a consultant agency of the local government in my hometown. I just arrived in Washington, D.C. yesterday’s afternoon.

I feel extremely lucky to have a ticket to be a part of Yseali. For me, it is a chance to be empowered, to learn how to actually involve to do great things, to grow personally and professionally as well. I’m really looking forward to our reception in the US Capital Visitor Center today and all the conferences and meetings in Bozeman, Helena and Missoula that my host and I have planned.

My journey began with many interesting things. It’s the farthest flight from home I’ve ever taken. It’s also the first time I couldn’t sleep for a long hours but still was able to smile all the way heading to Washington, D.C. It’s also the longest 11 Oct that I’ve ever had because of travelling to different time zones. Not to mention that the 11 Oct was especially long while I was trying to sleep after the jet lag but couldn’t. And I believe that there would be more interesting things with my participation in Yseali. I will tell you more later.

Below are some pictures of me and other fellows last night

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