Our Hooksett Adventure Begins!


DSC_0016.JPGAfter a restful weekend settling in into our lodging, the three of us (Yu Shen, Robert and myself) officially start ‘work’ with our hosts today. The Hooksett Town Administration has hosted a few cohorts of YSEALI Professional Fellows, so I’m confident we are in good hands.

We started off observing a meeting with the Hooksett Sewer Commission and a potential solar energy vendor. What struck me was the depth of involvement Commission members and Town Councillors (who are volunteers) have in these decision making processes. It was also interesting to understand the individual perspectives of the members and Councillors, their motivations and concerns.

Nick, our host, has been fantastic, sharing as much as he can and making sure we are having the best experience. Have observed some similarities and differences in how things are organised. Will be touching on that soon!

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