PANTUN POEM for my fellowship journey

PANTUN is a form of Malay poem used to express feelings and thoughts. It is common in Malaysia especially within Malay community. Traditionally, pantun has indirect or hidden meaning with translation of the phrases. Some elements may be applied like metaphor, hyperbole, personification or simile. Nowadays, pantun may be used in speeches and ceremonies or just for fun in daily life. Therefore for the purpose of blogging by fellows, I will use pantun all the way to express my journey here.

Pantun will have even number of stanza. Starting with two, the quatrain is the most common one with ‘a,b,a,b.’ rhyme. It is best to recite pantun with a fixed rhythm some sort like a rap song but with much slower momentum and more feelings to it. Normally, to match the rhythm every line will only consist from 4 to 5 words optimum or 8 to 12 syllables. In four-lined pantun, the first two lines may appear completely unrelated with the third and fourth. However it may be a general hint or somehow related with the actual message in the third and fourth lines. The philosophy in pantun is so rich and carry unique meanings as it may have a lot of idioms in it.

The uniqueness of pantun is so wonderful. Even more interesting with the luxurious of Malay language. No argue that pantun best recited in Malay language. The pantun I made here is totally just for the international community to get to know more on my fellowship through Malaysian traditional way. Enjoy and appreciate the messages.

Suncrox Solar is honored to be chosen for PFP in United States.

Flying all the way from Malaysia for PFP,
Meeting ASEANers from Myanmar to Singapore;
If you’re looking for learning spree,
Here, search no more.

Mesmerized by the Historic Memorial Park,
DC skyline will immensely be wondered;
Friendly and courteous the ICMAs’ spark,
Makes your heart most flattered.

Capitol Building and Washington Monument are perfect together,
Not to forget The White House with American flag;
Once only a dream was to be here,
Now a reality, no longer a brag. 

From DC now head to Northeast,
The City of Brotherly Love, Philly its name;
Leading city development, DVRPC is at its least,
Me sharing the vision to be the same.

Simulation of podium used by speakers during US-ASEAN 40th anniversary ceremony in Capitol Building.


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