First Day of Fellowship – Baltimore City

Hello Everyone! I would like to share my experience on my first day of Fellowship. Yesterday was my first day to be placed in Baltimore City Department of Public Works in Maryland. People here were very kind and always try to make me feel at home! We enjoy our lunch together and talk about many things from Zero Waste to Marvel Movie. As an introvert,  who did not talk too much, sometimes I feel like I need extra energy to catch up with them, but well I will try my best!

The most exciting part of yesterday was, I had opportunity to visit wastewater treatment facility in Patapsco wastewater treatment plant in Baltimore. it was said that it is one of small plant, but actually it is a huge plant for me. I met the operation engineer, his name was George who had been in the plant for 41 years! He was explained about how the wastewater treatment was managed and operated. We walked around and saw how the wastewater treatment works, George was also patiently answered all of the questions.

Being in public owned wastewater treatment was like new thing for me, Baltimore city is really take care about their clean water for their citizen and prevent water pollution. This experience gave me positive input to apply this water management in my city!


This photo was taken in front of Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant with George!

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