Kentucky’s 225 years

Number 225 was aesthetically painted on the Kentucky’s Historical Society’s wall in Frankfort celebrating 225 anniversary of Bluegrass state.

Originally, Kentucky was a part of Virginia known as “the Kentucky County,” it became the 15th state of this nation in 1792. In fact, its history could be traced back to 1600s when the first Englishman, Gabriel Arthur entered the area of beautiful mountians and rivers in the east south-central region of the United States. Historically, like several places in the U.S., the area was where Indian tribes inhabited ( 4 main Indian tribes; Shawnee , Iroquois, Cherokee, Chickasaw). Robert A. Powell, a famous Kentuckian writer wrote in his Kentucky Handbook mentioned that the name “Kentucky” was probably derived from the Indian’s oral languages, calling the area “Kaintuckee”.

Frankfort might be a small city, but people here are energetic and lively. The town also shows its rich of history and this thanks to the Frankfort community for their share common perspectives and joint action to preserve community’s heritage. I am sure there are more things for me to learn about Kentucky and Frankfort community and I am well ready to explore the 225 years old Bluegrass state.

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