The first day of YSEALI Professional Environmental Sustainability Program in Middleton, Wisconsin. Fall 2017

The 1st day of my fellow program in Middleton, Wisconsin. That was my awesome experience to visit Middleton Fire District Station, Middleton Emergency Medical Service(EMS) and Middleton Police Department. I learnt a lot about organization system in Middleton that I can bring to my country, Thailand. I would say Middleton are very nice and safe place to stay in The US. I will keep you guys updated about Middleton because I will be here for 1 month to learn more about eco-tourism and environmental sustainability city😁❤️🏡🏘#yseali#usasean40

Thank you (Kob kun kaa, Thai) 🙏 Middleton Hall for created a beautiful program and thank you for driving a car and very nice pictures from Abby Attoun-Tucker

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