We believe in standing by our start up companies

An interesting similarity between Danang (my hometown) and Bozeman, Mt (my hosted city) is that we are both seeking for solutions to support start up companies. While 97% of enterprises in Danang is small and medium enterprises and they need assistant to be able to set up their business, the City of Bozeman is trying to answer the question how to sustain momentum after their companies started up successfully.

The strategy workshop to improve 3-5 year outcomes for Galatin valley entrepreneurs

Attending the strategy workshop to improve 3-5 year outcomes for Gallatin valley entrepreneurs, I did not understand much about all the economic terms but It left a strong impression in me in the way the city was standing by its start up companies. The Economic Development office decided to talk to their enterprises to understand the reasons making them fail after 3 to 5 years of operation. This is a great example of what someone at a city level can do to support their business community.


It also helps me to understand why many investors and businesses chose Bozeman. The good thing about this city is that you know the major and its Director of Economic  Development. You get access to them, your leaders and that makes you believe that your voice will be listened and the city will help you in the way that they can. This makes me think about my city’s support for start up company. We should have more direct interact between enterprises and the local government too to understand their situation better and establish necessary assistant for them.

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