RANAW (Lake Lanao): Moving forward for ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP


The beauty of environment attracts my attention when arrived in the perimeter of my host organization, the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District (PMRNRD). Maybe because my heart attached to the nature. The colorful standing trees welcome everyone and the fresh air gave good atmosphere to the whole environs.

Awarded environmentalist Mr. Eric Williams (my supervisor) made my engagement more insightful and interesting. My first day in the office is really a public engagement where in we attended the BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING to formally introduce the YSEALI program and my placement activities. I was then nervous but i made my self more comfortable and confident because i am bringing the leadership of my community, Marawi City and my country, Philippines.

Being an Environmental Ambassador of my community, i stood up and formally introduced my self as a MORIATAO O RANAW (Children of the Lake) living in the Southern part of the Philippines. In the plenary, I had a chance and opportunity to talk and share my people, the bounty of natural resources and ecotourism attractions in Lanao del Sur, Marawi City. I keenly observed the formality of the meeting and its so organized and manageable. After the meeting, A SELFIE PHOTO to the board of directors promoting the beauty of Ranaw (Lake) in Lanao del Sur as the largest freshwater in the Philippines.


I feel so great for the opportunity to work with PMRNRD because the office is full of experts and committed employees working for GREEN in Omaha. Fully acceptance and big smiles offered in my day to day office works. Mentoring and exposures to some of the office projects related to my community challenge had realized.


2 thoughts on “RANAW (Lake Lanao): Moving forward for ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP

    1. we are ambassadors of our Envi and we should do as much as we can to invest in the environment for todays and tomorrow.


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