Transportation is essential for all !

I am fascinated by how local government serve lives of communities here in Frankfort, the capital city of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the fourth-smallest state capital in the United States with around 25,000 residents. The City of Frankfort ensures citizens that they are most important and their rights must be protected and provided.

One key issue in daily life many would take for granted is transportation right. While people travel everyday, getting around could be a challenge for various groups of people, particularly the poor, disabilities, and elderly. The City of Frankfort although is taking care of a small number of population, the City of Frankfort has aimed to achieve transportation equity. The City of Frankfort is well aware of the fact that transportation is a key to bridge people to their resources; education, health care services, job opportunities, as well as nutritions. Undeniably, transportation right is also civil rights.

The City of Frankfort has worked to provide equal opportunity to all regardless of race, color, national origin, disability, and age to right to transport. That is the reason why the City of Frankfort has created a transportation service called “ON THE GO”. The service is provided to all passengers to ride in clean and safe vehicle with a reasonable cost, only 2 USD per ride. Impressively, “ON THE GO” has provided a special service for elderly and people with disabilities.

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