Connecticut at Glance!

First of all, I would like to thank the U.S. Department of State for funding the YSEALI Fellowship program, as well as ICMA for coordinating this wonderful project.

Moreover, it is absolutely a great honor to be hosted by the United States House of  Representatives in Connecticut where I am exploring more about the legislative process and governance mechanism, especially the local participatory role in influencing policy recommendations. This experience will enhance my work as a Plan and Policy Analyst. My duties include reviewing, analyzing and providing  feedback to the Prime Minister and the cabinet on various of public policy issues, major projects, and national-agenda plans. Therefore, I will try my best to utilize every minute here. During my first week, I’ve had a chance to review background information in order to have better understanding on how Congressional District Offices function. I am appreciative of how hard all of the staff members work for their constituents.

Besides my duties in the office, my favorite activity after work hours includes long walks, especially in the morning. The weather is so lovely and I do enjoy the beautiful scenery along the street. Well, I think I fall for Falls here in Connecticut!


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