Good governance: Information Contacts!

Jackson County Commissioners Information
Statistics of NTT Province Authorities’ Information

One of my duties in Statistics of NTT Province (Indonesia) is to manage our official website. I update the content of our website regularly depends on what kind of information that public need. So while I’m in Jackson County, I did a comparative study between the official website of Jackson County and my worksite in NTT Province. Most of the contents are different, but we have the same goal which is to give good services to our community.

One thing that really intrigues me from Jackson County Website is that they put personal contact information of related employees. So, it is not difficult to find help if you are not clearly enough with that information on the website. It is also a good gesture to tell public that it is not hard to reach your government.

Come to think again, I realize that transparency is one of the important aspects of good governance practice. How could we (government workers) say that we are transparent enough if the public don’t even know how to reach us?

Thank you Jackson County. I sure learned a lot!

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