BID – Business Improvement District

Before arriving in the USA, i spent time reading about DowntownDC BID via its website. Even having an overview about it, i am still surprised with what i see at the office. To me, BID is truly a very new and exciting concept to me.

DowntownDC BID is a private non-profit organization who improves the public realm, keeps the area clean and safe, and promotes business development. It truly supports the local government to set up and maintain a vibrant and smart urban. To conduct these tasks, they work with National Park Services and other related departments of District of Columbia.

Another interesting thing of DowntownDC BID is that they apply a lot of high technology in administration. They created and operated the Field Asset Management Application to get the information from residents. Also they collect the complaints from the Facebook page. The information is daily recorded so that they can have timely action.In the first week working at DowntownDC BID, i had chance to attend meetings and discussion about DowntownDC retail strategy and Franklin Park project. Not only my host, his colleagues also have helped me a lot to understand about their work.

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