Exploring Upper Arlington

It has been a week since I began my journey as a Professional Fellow at the City of Upper Arlington in Ohio. Although the jet lag already faded and I became acclimatized with my new environment, this experience still feels surreal.

My week was filled with noteworthy activities including those within and outside the city. My fellow from Indonesia and I were first introduced to the city employees during an All-Staff Meeting, a venue wherein I am able to promote my country, the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines and the things that I do in my town, the Municipal Government of Rizal, Laguna (I highlighted myself being a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian as well). Other meetings and group discussions also happened within the week.

Yet, joining the Centennial Planning meeting with Emma, doing building inspection with Dave and Bob, attending the Ohio Economic Development Association’s (OEDA) Annual Conference with Joe, joining this year’s Annual Bear Scare and having dinner at Jeanine’s humble home are the highlights of my first week in UA.

While the Homewood Suites at Lane Avenue continues to provide us genuinely good services (and nice food), roaming around the city and seeing its different facets makes me understand its entirety even more (backed up with information I gained from the operations of the city government). Exploring UA is fun, and walking is a healthy way to do it.

Calling it a week and looking forward to new and exciting learnings and opportunities ahead!

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