The Voice of The City

Roaming in the Washington D.C. and listening to the voices it carries.

Every city speaks for its own voice – the voice of people, nature, urban, and even the climate itself. Washington D.C. is one of the cities that has many voices on green aspect. To explore this unique voice, one has to hold full compassion and ready to embrace the learning process. This is the part where I step in with a mission to help my community in Brunei Darussalam by turning their voice into a goal.

I am very fortunate to experience my working shadow at Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) under Green Building Division. The Division speaks its own voice ensuring that Green Building Codes are being regulated according to its requirement. Indeed it is a new thing that I have never come across in my working place in Brunei Darussalam and having this to be said, I see it as an opportunity to spearhead my government with Green Building Codes in future.

One of the dynamic community engagement processes I have experienced so far is the Sustainable DC Kick Off Workshop that took place on 18th October 2017 at DCRA. I was so intrigued watching how the government agency such as Department of Planning ran the workshop by setting up live panel video (or webminar as they called it here) via facebook, a social media platform that can extend its communication not only to make networking but to pull communities all over the place together as one. Of course, the incentive offered by Department of Planning such as free shirts and badges for the first ten walk-in participants was very strategically played. The workshop delivered a well collective survey result showing responses received by DMV (District Maryland Virginia) communities reacting towards Sustainable DC Plan. The community participated at DCRA voiced out their opinions on several aspects pertaining to green sustainable city. The discussion was completely amazing. Having to experience all these, I could see bulbs popping above my head indicating that this could be a good start to practice at my community in Brunei Darussalam.

I have yet to explore more ways of practices and mechanism that Washington D.C. has got to offer. The voice of Washington D.C. is the voice that can be heard not only by the ear but also by the heart of oneself.

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