A Lovely Landfill!

Let’s summarize my first week here. I had great first week here in Baltimore. I met many people and try to remember all of the name. But anyway, thanks to my host community who always made everyday here feel so precious.

I am placed in Legal and Regulatory Affair Department of Public Works, City of Baltimore and learned how this division works. In my first week here,  I was explained about Wastewater treatment and how Baltimore City managed their trash. Glad to know about these environment management things. Almost everyday, they accommodated me with a tour! wastewater treatment tours in Patapsco and Backriver, also Landfill tour in Baltimore City and Howard County.

I have never been so excited seeing landfill before, but yeah it was a really lovely landfill! It has beautiful river background and you could see view of Baltimore City. Besides all of the beauties, the most important things about this landfill was, you will see how they really considered about how the landfill was built without making new issue about soil pollution, water pollution, and other pollution that might be generated. In Howard County I also observed and learned about how they recycling waste into compose.




A lot of insight about waste management that could be implemented in my Home City. Next week I will be involved in more Occupational Health and Safety issues and will have Port tour. Can’t wait!


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