My Journey in Upper Arlington Ohio

In the coming weeks, this entire blog will highlight my experiences during my time as a fellow in the fall 2017 YSEALI fellowshipI am placed in City of Upper Arlington in Ohio. My journey was started with meeting with City Manager and his staffs for an introduction. After spending a couple of days here, this is my view about my placement office.

This city is more efficient and effective compared to our Local Government in Indonesia. The City Manager usually has his staffs meeting every monday. In my view, The city puts the right people on the right job, everyone knows their duty. For example, In finance division, there are only around ten people who are working together as a Team. The unit that is under Finance Division is similar to our Local Government. This division has a Director, Assistant Director, Accounting Assistant, Purchasing Assistant, Payroll Administrator, front desk, etc but with fewer people.

This city is well coordinated, I have followed some across divisions meetings and seen how they communicated to each other in order to find the solution. It is an interesting because they focus on solving the problem and everyone gives an opinion based on their expertise.

They arrange their work in detail and carefully. For example, this year the City of Upper Arlington will celebrate their centennial. So there are lots of meetings for preparation and the celebration event. During the meeting, I was with the Community Affair Director, they discussed brochure for the centennial. It was surprising to know how detail they arranged the content, layout brochure, colour, size and shape of photos.  It was not as simple as I think. In Indonesia, our office has that type of brochure but in different purpose, we have the monthly bulletin about our activities. But, no one really cares about the bulletin layout or contents. The important is someone has created the bulletin.

I realized that we need to learn so many things. Indonesia is developing country and there are the ton of problems that we need to solve. I hope this impression will give a reflection, put a new perspective and open new ideas.

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