Feels like home at a homeless shelter, Ky

Is it possible for a homeless shelter to be comfy and like home ?

Franklin County Women and Family Shelter (FCWFS), a non-profit organization in Frankfort, shows their care for those struggled with poverty and lack of affordable housing. FCWFS support homeless single women and families by giving services such as life skill training, job searching, as well as drug and alcohol addiction treatment consulting. During 2016, they gave services to over 400 individuals and families and their final goal is to help these individuals and families to be able to settle down in permanent houses. While the organization currently have 2 transitional houses, sponsored by City of Frankfort, Franklin County and other fundraising events, several companies and volunteers also sponsored in renovating bedrooms, kitchens, public spaces and giving furniture. FCWFS enthusiastically creates the shelter, as a place their members could “feel like home”. This is to ensure that no one is facing these painful experiences alone and everyone should deserve to have their own sweet home.

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