Heirarchy of collaboration, the Columbus Way

It has been quite interesting that the capital of the State of Ohio, the City of Columbus, is not as popular as other capital cities in the United States, considering that it is one of the fastest growing economy in the region.

 Understanding this matter based on various perspectives and its heirarchy of collaboration, Mike Schadek, Assistant Director for Intergovernmental Affairs Economic Development Division at the City of Columbus (COC) and former Council Member at the City of Upper Arlington, helped us explore COC and learn how they do it, the Columbus Way.

We started the day with a glimpse of the City of Columbus Council Chamber, which of architectural and artistic grotesque. One will really feel honored and prestigious sitting on delicately upholstered seats. Meeting think tanks from international (Sister Cities), regional (Mid Ohio Regional Planning Organization) and local level (Westgate Neighborhood Association) gave me the context of how COC values engagement between organizational heirarchies and why communication and a sense of belongingness are important in ensuring that all collaborators are towards the attainment of the city’s goals which include being a “Smart City” and promote sustainable economic development.

Why would it matter? Simple. Promoting interorganizational collaboration boosts creativity, opens corridors of opportunities and ventures into providing innovative solutions to existing societal and organizational challenges. Streghtening partnerships also entail better exchange of ideas, experiences, culture and tradition which cultivates diversity and flexibility. New business corridors also impose economic growth which is beneficial to not just the city, but to all its networks, in one way or another.

Slowly but surely, the City of Columbus is leading towards being one of the best cities in the United States, with various opportunities lined up along its path. Sure as it is, the Columbus Way, is a way that we might consider following.

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