PANTUN POEM: Root of nation, technology and policy.


The seat of Continental Congress President and later the first President of United States

American Revolution  stood up against colonial,

Life, liberty and happiness at all costs;
To be placed in DVRPC is special,

Adam and Liz are awesome hosts.


With Adam and Liz from DVRPC wearing Suncrox Solar t-shirt “Solar for all, All for solar.”

Excited and anxious just a sheer,

Fellowship started with a lot to score;
IEC in UDel is solar energy pioneer,
Made me feel like a kid in the candy store.


Solar museum of Institute of Energy Conversion in University of Delaware with Dr Steven Hegedus.

Green City is for all to get
Paris accord will be kept alive
Philly Mayor set the noble target
100% renewable energy by 2035


Office of Sustainability, City of Philadelphia


Environment and economy cannot be apart,
Mutual growth that makes it special;
Philadelphia Energy Campaign has strong start,
Focusing in small business and residential.

Philadelphia Energy Authority, City Hall


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