Green Oasis With Solar Mark On Top

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The practice of living in green build environment is becoming popular these days. Everywhere we go we merely never miss listening to two words – green energy. Why is that so? Hypothetically, among the top images that pop up in our mind is business behind the closed doors. Making money is what people would care most. Has anyone ever thought of a reason that allows business in green build environment to soar across the countries over the past decades? I bet most of us ponder the question. My theory shows that increasing population lead to higher demand and supply for necessities, homes, transportation, food and the list can go on.

Initially, I had zero knowledge on Green Engineering discipline. I have no clue how the Net Zero Energy of green build environment works. My clueless continued to dominate my fragile head until reaching to a green oasis place of what I called Baltimore metaphorically. My host team member, two YSEALI members and I attended Engineering Green Conference 2017 organized by USGBC Maryland last week. I was intrigued watching the speakers shared their methods of sustaining green build environment in Baltimore. I now partially understand what green build environment is all about and how to kick off the workshop in my country by using their references.

The importance of lowering the household bill along with maximizing solar energy has kept me thinking quite hard. Could this be a potential prospect that I can introduce to my government in Brunei Darussalam? My country sits proximity to the equator and can be seen as one of potential green oasis too. Another thing that popped in my fragile head was the introduction of solar roof panels at Kampong Ayer (or Water Village) houses. The existing dilapidated houses at Kampong Ayer may still hold a chance of fixing the upper and turn into eco-houses. With this in mind, the eco-tourism industry can be reset with better green build environment whilst educating the Kampong Ayer residents in becoming community resilience in the city.

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