The engine behind economic growth

The mountainous view from the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

My first impression with Bozeman is the amazing mountain views and scenery I saw after landing in Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport . It’s easy to fall in love with the landscape, but beyond the tourism potential, the vibe of this fast-growing city is even more attractive to me. It is actually Montana’s strongest local economy and the most livable place in Montana.

Downtown Bozeman, MT

One reason for this, I think, is that the city is home to Montana State University (MSU). The university has provided a large number of qualified workforce with technical, interpersonal, and entrepreneurial skills. It has thus contributed to the growing software and hardware, bioscience, photonics, and manufacturing and made Bozeman appealing to investors. “The talent pool in this part of Montana has attracted dozens of leading technology firms”, FICO Chief Executive Officer Will Lansing said.

Another possible reason is the progressive model of the local government’s operation. The city government neither owns nor operates business; the private sector does. It delivers a clear message that the city’s presence is for supporting not competing with private sector. It allows the city to gain trust from and co-work more efficiently with business community to foster the city’s economic growth. The model is specially interesting to me because my city is seeking for encouraging private participation in many fields. But the situation may be different with State-Owned Enterprises normally have preferential access to information and government financing, thus making it challenging for non-state actor to compete them.

There is more to tell about the transparent politics which is also the engine of the city’s economic growth. I will continue to write about this in my following blog.

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