Closing the past conflict and fostering a collaborative future

Being honorably welcomed by the Mayor and the City Commission of Bozeman city on October 23  is a memorial moment in my trip to America. In the video, I was introduced by Mr. Fontenot, the Director of Economic Development and shaking hands with Mayor Taylor (my speech can be found at 3:18). The hospitality of the city government and the friendliness of the people here makes me warm. Although it was only two weeks since I have landed at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, I have gradually felt that this was my American home. Because of this, Bozeman is not just a place for me to learn progressive models, the city has also given me the motivation to contribute to the healing between the two nations.

Vietnam and the United States have a complicated and conflicted past. However, our two nations share the potential for a bright and collaborative future.  My hope is that the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Vietnam is not past conflict but bright futures and partnerships.  It is my sincere hope that through these exchanges we can establish relationships between Bozeman, Montana and my home town, Da Nang city, or Vietnam to foster tourism, education and economic cooperation and partnerships. By doing that, we can close the chapter on the past and together move toward a brighter future.

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