Environmental sustainability thru watershed management needs more meetings, planning and field works: Omaha, Nebraska experiences

Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership Meeting with Diff. City and County Officials held at P-MRNRD Conference Hall, October 26, 2017.

Ensuring a successful implementation of the watershed management project is building a close working relationship with other agencies and partners in the area. This is one thing I’ve observed and learnt in our day to day meetings in the office of the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District (P-MRNRD). I was involved in several meetings in the office to know more about the operational and management of the office on the implementation of the different project. Not only in the meetings but in their planning process i was also invited to witness such as bidding and awards procedures, contractors meeting and internal consultancy and budget re alignment /programming. Eric Williams, the Natural Resource Planner in the office and happened to be my supervisor frequently attending external meetings in the town of Omaha for a coordination and updating of the projects such as trail, parks and transportation in the different concern offices which i usually also joined and observed.

Site Visit for Water Quality Testing in one of the Watershed Project in Papillion Creek Watershed with Engr. Lori, Storm Water Management Engineer in P-MRNRD 
Site Visit for Water Level Testing in Pigeon-Jones Creek Special Watershed Project with Paul Woodward, the ground water management Engineer of P-MRNRD.

Joining in the field with Engr. Lori, a storm water Engineer and site manager of the North Branch West Papilion Creek Watershed and  Engr. Paul Woodward, a groundwater manager in Pegion and Jones Creek Special Watershed Project is a wonderful and insightful experiences in my fellowship in Omaha. It enlighten me that Nebraska has a huge track of land in the field of agriculture and urban forestry why land and watershed management is a vital concern in the planning of the States Natural Resources. and my trip also gives a visual presentation of the large area being operated and managed by the office of P-MRNRD and its different programs and concerns specially in ensuring a quality and water reserve for the whole area covered. I also learnt that the office handled and operated different kinds of man made lakes in the region purposely as water catchment, flood control, establishing park and recreation to revived and restored the habitat of the different flora and fauna specially birds, fish and trees in the site and for public recreational purposes. And in the process, after the completion of the project, the office of the P-MRNRD will turn over the said project to the City of Omaha and other county for the management and maintenance of the parks and for general public.

My Working area in the Office of Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District (P-MRNRD) located in the Research Center/Library of the Office 

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