Friends of UA and the Snow

As what Kuya Kim, a Filipino TV personality and host, always say, “Ang buhay ay weather weather lang (Life is like the weather)”, I would probably agree, weather is so unpredictable, as well as one’s mood. But we will not talk about life or the weather, but we’ll talk about volunteerism.

This day is a special day as we volunteered for the Parks and Recreation Department along with the Friends of UA, the Kiwanis UA and some students for the rehabilitation of some benches and tree beds at the Fancyburg Park.

In a gloomy rainy weather, we never expected seeing such a big crowd of volunteers for the day, even the schedule being in conflict with the Ohio State University versus Penn State foorball match which was the biggest game for this season, at least according to them.

It has been a total workout, from raking the gravel, to carrying bags of mulches and walking back and forth, muscles being stretched while seriously overcoming the cold wind and hey, the snow. Yes, seeing snow for the first time is so much fun!

So what’s volunteerism anyway? In life there are these instances that we help others in ways that we do not probably notice but we do it because we want to carry out something important, a goal or perhaps just to provide support. Volunteerism is sharing your expertise, talent or abilities to serve others without waiting for something to be given back to you. It’s a fulfillment that infiltrates not just the heart, but the soul. As one is not recognized by the recognitions he received, but by the lives he was able to touch.

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