Looking Out for Everyone in the Community


We had the opportunity to visit the Hooksett Community Food Pantry located within the premise of the Town Office earlier this week. The Food Pantry is run by local community volunteers and supported by the Hooksett Kiwanis Foundation.

We have similar programmes like this in Singapore, so I was interested to see how the Food Pantry is organised and if they face the same challenges we do back home. One of the biggest takeaways for me was how professional the volunteers approached the Food Pantry’s operations. Every process is documented and every item is accounted for. Most admirably, this was done on the volunteers’ own accord because they wanted to make sure vulnerable beneficiaries are served in the best way possible. And the best way it is! I’ve learned that this Food Pantry has become a model for similar programmes in neighbouring towns.

The attitudes of the volunteers was also very humbling. They take a positive and non-judgemental approach to helping people, even though they are have their fair share of experiences dealing with people who take advantage of the programme.

We’re halfway through and there are still many more places and people to learn from. Also enjoying everyone else’s posts!

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