NH Drinking Water Exposition & Trade Show: Water and Wastewater Experiences in Cambodia

Honored by Mr. James Donison from the Town of Hooksett, I was invited to make a joint-presentation with him about a brief introduction of Cambodia before he started presenting his topic of “water and Wastewater Experiences in Cambodia” upon his visit and research in Cambodia last year as a YSEALI rebound fellow. In a room fully seated of about 40-50 stakeholders in the Community Bingo Center, Manchester, NH, I enjoyed sharing with the local American people about Cambodian geography, history, government, politics, economy and culture. To many of them, Cambodia is a country they have never heard of and some of them were impressed of who we are and what we have- Angkor Wat, the world largest temple complex, for instance, while some of them were depressed of the water challenge we are facing. I cannot thank James enough for giving me this special opportunity to engage with local people and business men in water industry in the state of NH. Besides sharing about Cambodia, I have also learnt so much about water industry and technology in the US reflected in my mind that Cambodia will be one day able to do the same thing to their people so that both people in urban and rural area can have clean water to drink and use. From a tiny nation, Cambodia, to the world: YSEALI PROFESSIONAL FELLOWSHIP. IMG_0220IMG_0228

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