Safety, a personal responsibility

Safety first! Have you ever heard about this tagline? If it is no, you need to know more about this and If it is yes, let’s explore how it is works.

On the second week, I met many people who really passionate about creating safer and healthier workplace. I had a chance to visit Maryland Occupational Safety and Health  Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation. I joined two seminars, Lead in Construction and Job Safety Analysis. I met a lot of people from different cities and had discussion about implementation of Occupational safety and health in their workplace. It was not only people from industries, but also from government agencies which it is still new for me because in home country, Occupational Safety and Health only focus on Industry, but here everyone, including government employees, must have knowledge about Occupational Safety and Health.


Next day after having seminars at Maryland Occupational Safety and Health, I had an opportunity to go to the one of the oldest ports in US, Port of Baltimore. Thanks to my host community who accommodated me with this tour since my focus of community challenge is Occupational Health and Safety in Maritime Industry. It was not only about Occupational Health and Safety, but also Environment. I saw port facilities that really effective and considered about Accident prevention and environmental protection.


I took many notes last week, and had a lot of more understanding about how their manage Occupational Health and Safety. I can feel the Safety Culture here in US, because safety is about people. But still, there are many challenging issue that they faced as their continuous improvement. It was always my pleasure to be surrounded by amazing people!

One quote that I have learned from the implementation of Occupational Safety and Health below:

“Safety is a personal responsibility supported by organizational resources”

Have a good day!

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