“We should pay more taxes “

In my entire life, I never heard someone said consciously that He/She loves paying taxes. Study reports that every country has a complex tax system and there is always some people that have contradictory opinions with the taxes regulations in their country. The public doesn’t feel like their money is being used properly by the government.

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I was so surprised when Jeff Hovarter, the director of parks department, said to me that the lack of good public facilities is because the public doesn’t paying enough taxes.
He told me a little story that when he was going out at night and he saw that many homeless outside in the cold who didn’t have any place to sleep. The homeless shelter only provided half of the total need of the homeless. So to him the idea of fixing or adding public facilities could be helped by raising taxes.
I was intrigued with his way of thinking. As a government worker, I am fully aware that my salary and all the facilities I got from my job are came from taxes. But the idea of raising taxes just never come to my mind.
Taxes are one of the strongest asset that a country can have. If the government can manage to prove to the society that the taxes are being used for decent public facilities, maybe in some points, public will have awareness about the importance of taxes. But if the taxes are being used for personal enjoyment, sure the idea of taxing is no more than modern robbery.
With Jeff and His wife, Tracy

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