Downtown Commercial Rooftops Donated to Community Solar Benefit Low Income Household Across the City

New renewable energy initiatives are one of many sustainable ideas spearheaded by Downtown BIDs such as the Community Solar Project.

New Partners Community Solar, a non profit organisation installed the first Community Solar project in DC. Collectively these arrays on the rooftops owned by Brookfield Properties constitute one of the largest solar installation in the district. The arrays consists of a 181.5 kW rooftop and facade installed solar photovoltaic capacity expected to produce 218 MWh of electricity annually. Community Solar allows the electricity that is fed into the grid to be monetised and distributed to subscribers. Rather than keeping or selling the renewable energy produced from the panels, the non profit organisation arranges for the tenants of affordable housing projects around the district to be the subscribers and share all of the energy billing credits at no cost. The beauty of this initiative is, there is no cost to the commercial building owner, the owner donates the rooftop space and the benefits of Community Solar are shared with low income families across the city. A good example of sustainable development project👌🏻

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