To be sustainable, we must keep green

“Green” – It reminds everyone to keep healthy environment. My second week in DC clarified the meaning of the word “green” in many ways.

“Green” is that new constructions must be green. The conference Engineering Green 2017 in Baltimore has drew an overall picture to set up green public works.  Presenters are professors, civil servants, financial advisers and architects. It focused on solutions for saving energy, stormwater, water management, etc. The solutions concluded of both design and funding.

“Green” is that a civil servant shows his passionate when talking about sustainable environment. During a field trip at the Great Falls, he explained about the stormwater, the ways to maintain a national park, the reason for no trash bin in the park, etc.

“Green” is that there must be usually outdoor events to attract people to attend and enjoy their leisure time with “green activities” at “green locations”.

“Green” is that every documents are formatted and completed online.

“Green” is that the youth composes and sings their songs about green life.

When “green” is talked and done in many ways, we will have green residential areas.

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