Climate Ready DC

It has been a green week of adventure in DC. Met with inspiring individuals whom work to ensure a sustainable plan to a changing climate in DC. A big thanks to DCRA for adopting us 😉 and DOEE for feeding us with endless information on sustainability.

Climate change is no longer a distant threat. It’s now and it’s happening you like it or not! In order to prepare DC for future, the Local Government has created a practical and reasonable plan to adhere dangerous heatwaves, severe storms and flooding along rivers. The district started with a bottom up approach by listening to the grassroots to build stronger more resilient communities.

The plan is organised into 4 sectors:

1. Transportation & utilities

2. Building & development

3. Neighbourhood & communities

4. Governance & implimentation

It is a learning curve for me and was impressed with this plan as it voiced incorporating comments through various community meetings, events and survey that actual helps the District to prioritise better solution for the people of DC. This process is surely a good benchmark for cities planning for a practical sustainable plan.


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