Food trucks in DC

District of Columbia is the place for work. People from long distance comes here to work then back to their house at the end of the day. In a working day, the moment that the most officers go out is lunchtime, and the most colorful area is location of food trucks.

The first food truck was allowed to operate in DC in 2009, it sold ice-cream. Since then, with increasing demand on diversified lunch box, some of food trucks appeared to serve food, mostly Asian food, in commercial area.  It produced some problems including parking area, safety concerns and trash collection.  A complete system of regulations for vendors was set up in 2013, focusing on food trucks. From 50 food trucks, now DC has more than 500 food trucks.

To operate a food truck, the owner need to apply and complete the licensing process of Department of Health, DC Fire Marshal inspections and Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. After two year since you get the license, you must re-apply again. The food truck will be stopped when you break the rules of food concerns, parking and traffic.  Also, you can apply to get one location or roaming location for the food truck. The result depends on your luck, like a lottery :).  The number of days per week you can operate a food truck depends on the number of available food trucks in DC. In October 2017, on average, each food truck must be off 2 days per week. If there are more and more food trucks and it is difficult to find a suitable location for food truck, number of working days of each food truck will decrease.

Food trucks really color the image of DC in me. 😍

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