I don’t expect such questions from middle school students_ WOW!

“Why does your country need to have a king when he doesn’t have any power and using lots of the country’s resources?”, “What is the strictest law in your country?”, “What will you bring back to tell your country about the US after this fellowship?”, “Why everything is tagged: “Made in China”? [his question is about labor and stuffs] and more.  David R. Cawley Middle School has warmly welcomed us into their school, touring around the building, briefing us about their school system and program and giving us the opportunity to present about our countries (Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia) to 04 classes of their students. Each presentation is ended by Q&A session which have surprised us so much. We don’t expect such critical questions from this middle school students. They’re just so brilliant in addition to being so participating and adorable. IMG_0244

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