Mr. LABAO, YSEALI Fellow in P-MRNRD Spotlight in Omaha World Herald Print News…soon…

Friday, 3rd day of November 2017 was a hectic schedules in my fellowship program. Early morning was a coordination meeting in the CITY of Omaha between other concerning County and City about the establishment of connecting trails under the project of Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District (P-MRNRD) which i was placed. I am again warmly introduced by our office Assistant Manager in the plenary as a special guest in the meeting to observe in the discussions. Right after the meeting, we went to another building near Omaha City Hall in Omaha World Herald to meet one of the columnist in the print media news to have an interview regarding my fellowship program in P-MRNRD and to know more about YSEALI program of the State Government.

Omaha News Print.jpg

Omaha World Herald  is the primary daily newspaper of Nebraska and portions of Southwest Iowa based in the central City of Omaha founded in 1885 by Gilbert M. Hitchcock.

I am with my office supervisor who went to the office for the interview. We are very excited to share together our leadership and professional engagement in the office of P-MRNRD. The columnist Andrew Nelson,  was interested why I was placed in Omaha considering a lot of different cities entire United States of America. It was then supported and answered by Eric Williams (my supervisor) that he was ask by one of the ICMA staff who happened to be a former colleague and a friend in the City of Omaha. Without hesitation, he accepted the request considering that the fellow is researching about the field of Environmental Sustainability (he’s referring to me) which the office is handling and supporting the program. We started our talks about sharing my life in the Philippines, works and advocacy where i proudly introduced my community challenge, the protection and preservation of RANAW (Lake Lanao), the largest freshwater in the Philippines. And he added, why i applied to the program, sharing about the YSEALI Exchange program. Significant questions were the learning experiences in my fellowship program. I shared a lot about the cultural exchange about people, working environment in the office of P-MRNRD and some happiest exposures in Nebraska. (Accordingly, publication will be released next week between November 6-10, 2017).

Parks and Recreation

On the same day, we also visited the office of Omaha Parks and Recreations to know more about their program and management of the different parks in the City of Omaha. I am also interested to learn more about its management considering that i am handling an ecotourism project which similar to the operation and objectives of a parks management.We have been entertained by Arch Engineer Dennis and presented their management plan for the City of Omaha. I’ve learned that they have also a problems on financial constraints in the implementation of some programs in the maintenance and improvement of some parks in the City.

My last weekend here in Nebraska became absolutely complete and memorable in watching the FOOTBALL Game Day between the Nebraska University and Chicago University. Behind me is the hundreds (100,000) audience witnessed the home court game among Nebraskans. Big Big SMILE and Thank you to my Sponsors who brought me in the event , JOSH and ERIC.

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