A taste of the countryside: Ohio has a bit of everything

Seeing houses and buildings every day of my stay in the United States is kinda #overwhelming. Having experienced living in an suburban jungle for almost a month now made me very anxious to see the outside, the rural side of Ohio, where population is less and green space is bigger.  But my experience exceeded my expectations.

Fishing? Definitely a first time for me. Owning a forest? I thought the Cullen’s only have that. Pink flamingos? It is only in wildlife magazines that I will see them. But this weekend made my stay in Ohio very special.

Norman and Emma Speight, along with their cute dogs Otto, Jasper and Henry, opened their home for us to stay over the weekend. They own this beautiful blue and white house, a horse stable, a indoor circuit for horse riding, and acres and acres of forest, yes, a vast portion of forest is part of their property. It is a very beautiful taste of the country, atypical maybe, but it saves you from the stresses of citylife.

Norman loves to hunt deer, and to fish, that’s why over the weekend we joined them to a fishing trip at Briarwood, a n approved private deer hunting reserve and fishing park in Bellefountaine. It is my first time to fish, flying fishing for this instance is the method allowed to catch trout. Believe it or not, I was able to catch two trouts (first with assistance) amd it is an incredible thing, and a good hobby to continue when I return to the Philippines (but not with trout). For dinner, I am able to taste my catch, and it is a delicious meal.

Sunday came and the Columbus Zoo is our next stop, with Dan Ralley, the Assistant City Manager and her daughter Mady. I never expected how big it was as it covered different species from the various continents. But I have only two animals in mind, Polar Bears and the Koala. Roaming around, I came across the Pink Flamingos, which standing on one feet, they can sleep. Seeing these animals made me feel the importance of biodiversity and.how we should contribute to protect them.

More importantly, there are other things more at store for those who widen their perspectives and embrace all the pouring possibilities. Life is more than the four corners of a building, whether it’s school or office, but is more about experiences, exploration, and knowing oneself inside and out.

After all, life is as colorful as this Mexican Restaurant in Sunbury, Ohio, waiting for its next customer to sit down and indulge into its sumptuous offerings.

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