Elections Day in Manchester!


Double post this week because I got to experience something really cool: Elections Day in Manchester! This is even more close to home for me because I am active in politics back home and have had the privilege of being involved in the past General Elections process.

Today’s elections will choose the next Mayor for Manchester, amongst other political positions. The voting process is similar to Singapore (e.g. no party affiliated images are allowed in the polling stations, smooth voting process, etc). The differences, however, are the interesting parts! Polling stations are opened much longer, from 0600 to 1900 hrs, to allow people enough time to make their vote. This is also because Elections Day is not a public holiday (unlike Singapore). Polling stations are largely manned by volunteers and voting is also not compulsory. If I understand it correctly, residents will need to register to be allowed to vote.

There is also no official circular sent to eligible voters of their obligations and details of Election Day (e.g. when and where). Most campaign posters also do not include such details and the City’s Moderator explains that this lack of information also contributes to people not turning up to vote.

May the best person win!

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