Famous Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu once said that nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. And that is exactly how it feels to indulge in the beauty of Oregon’s natural resources and tourist spots. Weekends adventures are the best time to contemplate lessons and values learned during weekdays’ meetings and activities. I highly commend the US government in maintaining the cleanliness of its surroundings and ensuring the safety of its tourists. Tourists alike are disciplined and sensible on helping protect these scenic spots.  IMG20171028161652

In between learning the City of Albany’s organizational functions and culture and integrating with the local community are various visits to some of Oregon’s ‘natural’ pride. It has been an absolute soul searching experience to find myself being so connected and satisfied with nature in this US journey. It is even more exciting to discover the familiar sense of peace in a foreign land by just merely walking into the woods or into the vineyards, hearing the birds chirping and listening to the mighty waves of the ocean.IMG20171028143316

The dazzling beauty of the Crater Lake National Park, the deepest lake in the US, is a perfect destination to revitalize the soul and clear the mind. It was breathtaking to see the still water of the Crater Lake on a clear blue sky Saturday afternoon with the snows scattered on the ground. It gently reminds me of  the expression on ‘Still waters run deep’ wherein people full of wisdom does not have to come in loud and aggressive manner especially if their task is to lead the community.IMG20171022120940

The amazing view and sounds of the Silver Falls is a good place to picture one’s self as ever-growing and ever-learning. The running water tells me about the profound sense of moving forward in life. In some ways, it symbolizes the right direction in resolving issues and problems in the community. And that made this a rewarding trip by linking up the natural process of the environment to the supposed principle on governance.IMG20171022112714

Walking peacefully into the Finley Wildlife and witnessing migratory birds in the lake gently reassured me the freedom there is in having peace and harmony with one’s self no matter how messy it gets on the external surroundings. Demand and pressures from family, work and community should not drive the way of living but rather the understanding that there is balance and perfect timing in the natural world.   IMG20171021143024

Savoring the tastes of Oregon wines is a spectacular experience for people who love to dine and ‘wine’ like I do. As they say, ‘no great story ever started with someone eating salad’ and thus wine makes up for a witty and fun conversation.IMG_20171104_125830

The famous Pinot Noir of Oregon has been the top pick in the wine tasting lists of the three vineyards I visited one Saturday afternoon: Willamette Valley, Coria Estate and Ankeny Vineyard.IMG20171104123213

The last weekend well-spent on the Oregon Coast made me homesick in a good way. Stopping by to check out the California sea lions, the seagulls and the Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area were fun and stunning. IMG20171105123603

I experienced a relaxing feeling by walking along the Oregon coast’s fine sand while looking into its mighty waves and seeing people playing with their children or dogs. While money can buy us comfort, nature has its way of bringing happiness to people.  IMG20171105120842

And lastly, the everyday color of falls metaphorically represents to me, the fire and passion which fuel one’s dream to be realized. These colors encouraged me to give my best in everything I do in order to achieve my dreams.IMG20171018182117

Brighter days are coming for the people to work together in making this world a sustainable place to live in. And this will start by simply appreciating and enriching what we have now.IMG20171028161501

Note: Special thanks to Peter Troedsson, Anne Baker, David Goeke and Bob Richardson for taking me and my fellow partner Yen to these places.

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