In Portland : One of the greenest city in the U.S.

By this fellowship, I supposedly lived only in one city during one-month placement.

I am just a lucky bastard, who had chanced to stay on the second city for almost one week in the midst of placement.

My luck was doubled.

First, about the city, it is Portland, where already on my wishlist places to visit since 3 years ago, even, I started making special bookmark folder about this city. My first attempt unveiled about Portland was this video which became our advocating materials on promoting green city vision about 5 years ago, related with my work, managing Indonesian Green City Development Program.

Second, my trip to Portland was officially for attending International Joint American Planning Association-Oregon Chapter (OAPA)/International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) Conference. ISOCARP itself is one of the most prominent world conference in planning discourse. I firstly knew about ISOCARP in 2013 when my boss was hustled on his preparation about being one of the speakers at that year congress. In 2017, ISOCARP celebrates either its 53rd annual congress and the first joint event with another organization.

The story from my attendance in OAPA/ISOCARP conference would be covered in separated post.

It’s either magic and luck that I unlocked both of my dreams in one moment.

Portland, is one of in top list of the most greenest city in the U.S.

Before I went to Portland, most of Eugenian say that, Portland is great city. From my experienced when I lived there, the greatness might be because of the public transportation easily reached (besides light train or bus, you could bike conveniently from the bike rental centre which easily found in town), the nice people, and (might be) feeling more city (than Eugene) due to the attractiveness ambience. As a person from big cities, finally I felt in the real city when in Portland, where I could find shopping center, big stores, although they are mostly closed at 8 pm, while at that time in Jakarta, we think it’s still mid afternoon.

I enjoyed very much exploring Portland with no guidance. With $5 single day ticket which I buy each day, I could take all of public transportation without limit.

light train_pdx_low

My ultimate destination is Tanner Spring Park, which I have known since year ago as the recent world best implementation of stormwater management in the urban park scale. In my way reached there, I crossed amazing spot that apparently expose how Portland has serious implementation about their green vision. I saw many stormwater facilities in the side street which I deliberately knew because they put a sign that impressively tell an understandable story.

rain garden_pdx_low


stormwater text_pdx_low

tanner park_pdx_low


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