Nothing is perfect!

Back at the time before I went to USA, I thought everything in USA was all perfect. Good transportation facilities, high public awareness, the good and open governance has been practically working, and other aspects that bolster up this country to be the superpower country in the world. News feed spreads like a disease and thing appears in media is mostly twice as better or as worse as the reality. Naively, we start to make USA as a benchmark to our country without looking at the same perspective fairly.

I often heard people (including the past me) or read articles that complained about how bad Indonesia public facilities is even though we have been establish for 72 years now. Yet we never realize that USA has been independent for more than 200 years but still there are many homeless that have no place to live. So, the conclusion is nothing’s perfect!

Here I am in Jackson County, not learning from the perfect side, but learning to be better in the future. I really appreciated that people in here are not trying to show only the good part of USA but also the struggle part that they are been working on. Therefore I know that, the government here are working properly and always trying to provide the best for the society.

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