Voluntary and Dedicated Spirit

We have been in Albany for more than 3 weeks and one of the most impressive things is the working culture of the staff here. Let me first spend some words for the Mayor of city of Albany. I was impressed by her statement “I want to make people feel happy when they are here. That’s a core value I wanna focus on”. And she has been working hard and devoted for her job. She is also very active in helping the homeless people. Homeless issues really get attention and support of the local government which is a good thing we need to learn from them.


Not only the Mayor but also other staffs of the city hall are really “civil servants”. They work to serve their citizen to bring better life for them. Another example could be staffs working for Natural Resource department who always try to do “additional works” to get discount for flood insurance for their citizen. Even the people working at the Carousel, they do their job with all their free will.


If all top leaders and public officials in our country have the same willingness and dedication to work, I believe that they will and they can do much more for our citizen. Once they think that their job is to serve the people, they will not get bribes for any reason.

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