How the real journey starts from the last day


Today marked my last day with Dogwood Alliance. It makes me realise that I’m leaving Asheville before I know it. I still remember the first day I arrived at the office, feeling so nervous and thrilled to meet everyone. I feel so welcomed here.

I have a chance to present about WWF-Laos work and my role in my organisation. The presentation followed by a discussion session where we shared experiences, thoughts and perspectives towards environmental conservation situations in the US and Laos. I realised that, whether in developed or developing countries, fighting to protect the environment is a difficult task and should be responsible by everyone.

I think my journey as a YSEALI professional fellow starts from this moment. I am coming home feeling so inspired, learnt a lot about new concepts and ideas, but also many questions left unanswered. I am thrilled to learn and explore more and contribute to make the world a better place.

Lastly, thanks to ICMA for choosing Dogwood Alliance and a huge thank you to Dogwood Alliance for the awesome 4 weeks with you. Thanks Adam and Rita for being the coolest mentors. Thanks Emily, Sasha, Adam and Sam for your warmest hospitality. Thanks Emily for taking me around, being my best company and for your insights. Thanks Danna for letting me hang around at the office and with the team, you inspired me every time I talked with you. Thanks Christian, Holly, Scot, Amanda, Kelly, Kimala, Nicole, Rachel and Vicki, it was lovely to get to know you all. Each of you inspired me and expand my world, lead me to see things from a different angle and be more passionate to create change back home.



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