Religion, Law and Diplomacy

I had the privilege over the weekend to attend the Fletcher Initiative on Religion, Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University. Being from an Asian country where culture and religion is very much intertwined with all aspects of life, and having worked in development work across the region,  I could very much relate to the view point of the speakers on a very personal level.


Two speakers stood out to me in particular. The first was Dr Diane L. Moore from Harvard University who gave a scholarly yet simple presentation on Religious Literacy. She introduced us to Johan Galtung’s three types of violence – direct, structural and cultural, and highlighted the importance of ensuring religious literacy to counteract these forms of violence.


The second was Sean Callahan the CEO of Catholic Relief Services who delivered the keynote address and drew from his years in the humanitarian field to educate, challenge, and inspire each and everyone of us in the room. For his contribution to humanity, he was awarded the prestigious Dean’s Medal.


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