The path to make a change: how shared vision and action plan are made


It was exciting to see how these amazing people plan to make a change. I joined Dogwood Alliance team for their annual 2 year planning retreat at the North Carolina Arboretum. All the trees look incredible at this time of the year.

It was interesting to see how Dogwood Alliance planned for the strategies to meet the vision of the organisation, how to integrate different activities in the campaigns and ensure that all movements should be through the lens of racial justice. The discussion about the new way of economic thinking and development is also fascinating. I learnt that governments at all levels should embrace forest protection as an economic strategy for the community and for the nation.

My favourite part of the planning retreat was team building activities. We did outdoor games that were not just fun, but also got us to reflect how to work as a team and be a good team player. In the picture above, we got to use the sticks that we have collected to make them as tall as possible in 20 minutes. And our team won! Maybe that was because of clear communications and good management plans. I still remember that when Danna (right) asked me whether I am a good builder, I said not quite. Later, It turned out that I could spot the weakest point and suggest the solution to that. It made me realise sometimes I don’t know my capability or have the confidence to show it. A good lesson learnt that need more work in the future!

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