Urging NC Governor to Protect Public Health: voice from the community


My trip to Raleigh is followed by a visit to North Carolina governor’s office. I had an opportunity to join Dogwood Alliance and Clean Air Carolina team to meet with Governor Roy Cooper’s policy advisor. It was an intense discussion which many critical issues were presented, especially the pollution that caused by wood pellets facility.

The citizens of Richmond county are currently facing dangerous air pollution caused by several industrial facilities. They do not want another facility that caused more health problems and diseases. So Dogwood Alliance and health professionals are here today representing the community to request Governor Cooper to protect Richmond county residents by revoking the air quality permit.


I realised that wood pellets industry caused negative impacts beyond environmental, but also it is an issue of environmental justice. This industry does not benefit the community and American policy makers should reconsider the policy that destroying the forests in their own backyard.

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