Our last day in Albany

Finally, everything is coming to an end… We are super lucky to be “assigned” to Albany where we were warmly welcomed. All people in the city hall are so kind and sweet to us. During almost one month here, we have learnt a lot from them. They took us to many different beautiful places in Oregon. Yes, Oregon is so beautiful. It has everything: the mountain, the lake, the coast, the valley, the water falls, etc. They fed us with delicious American, European and Asian meals. They also gave us a chance to experience a real Halloween in the U.S with pumpkin carving.

I haven’t heard about this city before but now, Albany – Oregon has become our “sweet home” in the U.S.  If I have an opportunity to return one day, Albany will be in my “must go” list.

Without the fellowship program, I may not know about this antique city. This program is not only about working and learning but more important thing is experiencing the culture and interacting with local people. Thank you for bring us an opportunity to be here and stay with those warm people.


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