Frankfort’s Diary_ Way to equality

Today is the end of the fellowship programme. The best part of fellowship is my placement in Kentucky. Kentucky is significant because two famous presidents in the world history were born in Kentucky.  Kentucky plays an important role in the history of the American Civil War since both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both born in Kentucky. The two men who would lead Americans in the most titanic struggle in American’s history were born about a hundred miles apart. According to the history records, Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, near Hodgenville, Kentucky in present day LaRue County. Davis was born June 3, 1808, in Christian, now Todd County, Fairview.

During the American Civil War, the basic difference is that Abraham Lincoln stands for the Union while Jefferson Davis is for the Confederacy. I wonder how much of Kentucky these men took with them in their very different lives. During our one month stay in Kentucky, I get to know how the two lived their lives as well as how they changed America. This is such a great opportunity to learn a history of Blacks and Civil War, from slavery to segregation to the pursuit of equality. Well the journal to equality hasn’t completed yet. Tomorrow, I’m coming back home but my journey to fight inequality in my country and the whole world will keep continuing.

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