A unique opportunity

I just keep having to remind myself how lucky I am to be given this unique opportunity.  I have had numerous unique experiences and opportunities in my life and I will be adding this one to the list.

Writing this post was on my long list of to-do items before embarking on this journey.  The trip seemed so far off on the calendar and then all of the sudden it was here! As a mother of two young children, there was a lot of preparation to leave behind a busy household for 3 weeks.  It was stressful but the constant reminders of this unique opportunity helped get me to the gate at Denver International Airport on Friday, Feb. 23rd.  Getting from Denver to Kuala Lumpur was an experience all in itself.  I can’t even believe that it is even possible cross the globe like I just did.  The reality of being in an extremely large plane over the Pacific Ocean for 12 hours is just too hard to really grasp in my head.

Day one in KL was full of exploring and orienting myself.  I had a delicious lunch served on a banana leaf, visited a Chinese Temple during the Chinese New Year, and walked around the base of the twin towers at KLCC.  I was joined by my lovely host, Samantha, her son, Kai and another American fellow, Mark.  We took the train from the station near my hotel which allows me to feel much more free to roam independently today.

Just as it was hard to grasp so many things about this journey throughout my preparation, even while sitting here in KL it is still hard to grasp all that I will learn, see and experience in the next 13 days of this very rare opportunity!


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